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2018 - The Roshni Project [Blog Submission]

"In recent times, I see "South Asian," projects but they are very focused on North Indian culture, Hindi-centric wording and aesthetics, and I felt left out as a Tamil woman.  We're often shown as a small, brief moment in South Asian spaces. Seeing something in Tamil in a South Asian space was like seeing a blue moon; rare, but when it happened I was happy to see it, but I wanted to see more of it.  " -- Read more

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2018 - Interview with SpicyWtr Mag

"Some of Vinsia’s most known work includes her rendition of The Weeknd’s Starboy album cover, which she put a South Asian twist on and titled “Star Girl.” Vinsia shed some insight on her journey as a growing artist and photographer, including who supported her and the challenges she has faced to date as a creator." -- Read more

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2017 - Interview with Unekha

Unekha is a platform that focuses on sharing talents of all types of South Asian artists, regardless of their artform.  It's one online space that doesn't focus on just music and dance artforms.

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