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About Me : Vinsia The Visionary.


Hi, I'm Vinsia Maharajah, a visionary. 

I utilize photography, visual art, acting, direction, marketing, and writing under the title of "Creative/Art Director" to bring concepts to life in am empowering manner. 

When I'm not taking photos, you'll find me snuggling up with my dog Cleo, planning creative projects at the crack of dawn, expanding my knowledge of the world via documentaries, and trying out new food.  I also conduct photography and body positivity workshops for youth and adults.  I am a YouTuber and Blogger, focusing on body positivity, mental health advocacy, and taboo subjects through humour. (hopefully humour.) (


My work focuses on telling stories through imagery and video content.  My portraiture utilizes light, styling and expressions to convey the spirit of my subject.  I experiment with editorial photography and content creation in the same manner.  

Currently I am using self-portraiture to deliver messages in my captions on Instagram, to discuss body positivity, mental health, and self-development.

With my knack for creative marketing I've helped events such as CGAL's KothuFest 2018, gain a vast social media reach, which resulted in an incredible turnout of food lovers!

I have a visual arts background, and my mind has been accustomed to look at the world through an artistic lens.  Even the most mundane of subjects can be captured in a visually exciting manner.  Scroll down, and have a look at my Instagram feed if you'd like! (Instagram - @vinsia)

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Have an upcoming project? I'd love to work with you! 

Collabs? I take very limited pro-bono collaborative requests on a service for service basis. 

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